In late March we saw the eclipse shining through the ever changing clouds, at one point it looked like the Cheshire cat from “Alice in Wonderland” smiling down at us. A few of the residents looked out of the window, but they weren’t too impressed despite the fuss the staff made! Later, when it was on the 6 o’clock news, I got a complaint that some of the residents had missed it!……. It’s not quite the same re-enacting it with a torch and a piece of black card on a stick!

Here at Pinhay we have had an abundance of spring flowers in quantities I’ve not seen for a long time. I missed getting a picture of the snowdrops, but the other flowers have been sublime. It was amazing to see the bluebells out really early as well. The garden is coming on very nicely and Jason (the gardener) is working hard to get the grounds to look there best. Dave Loveridge has been in doing some clearing of some of the fallen trees and overgrown bushes that have built up over the years. This will allow new plants to grow and let light and air into some darker places. This work has opened up the view from the house and you can now see more of the sea!

On Friday 1st May we had a “Dancing Party”. Kate Williams came to Pinhay with her magic box of music tricks! She sang songs to which the resident’s and staff danced. This was Kate’s first visit to Pinhay and what a success she was. Kate’s been booked to return soon and we very much look forward to it.


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